Tuesday, January 22, 2008

not Ladies-Who-Lunch ... but rather Wenches-Who-Wrench

Last week I successfully completed putting in a temporary sink, thereby returning the Acorn Cottage bathroom to the full complement of fixtures that were there when I moved in. The components for this project were all either salvage from The Rebuilding Center or from my demolition last year, (except for the new drain-pipes and supply hoses).
Somehow I always end up doing things that are not quite covered in my library of DIY books. Time-Life explains how to hook up the sink, but the building of the support structure was my "c-for-creative" imaginative construct. Though not pretty, it seems sturdy enough. I "tiled" around the edges with some scraps of the vinyl bathroom tiles that I'd found in the attic when I moved here. The backsplash is a scrap of plexiglass, to protect the funky wiring from water, but to allow the nightlight function… the outlet box needs to be safely relocated next to, rather than behind, the sink. Since there will eventually be a different beautiful handmade sink and decorative forged iron support bracket structure, it just did not make sense to carefully repair the sheetrock, only to tear it out again in the next year or so.

in process sink installation

completed temporary sink
Now that there IS a sink in the bathroom, the project at the top of the queue is completing the west wall in the workroom. The 1x6 baseboard is painted and attached; the new C-clamps did make a huge difference in sawing out the pieces.

(the 6" wide baseboard covers all the rough edges left from the demolition)

Now I need to liberate the shelves that are currently nightstands in the bedroom, to move them to their permanent home as part of the "storage wall of crafty goodness". There were some 1 x 12 boards on sale at Mr Plywood last week, if they are still there, additional shelves will be fabricated…I hope that by the end of the coming weekend there will be substantial progress on this oh-so-necessary task; once the boxes of art and craft supplies are not cluttering the workroom, I can start actually using the room for my own creative endeavors, and most importantly, for teaching.

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