Friday, January 11, 2008

already in progress... (random notes)

The sun is returning, slowly, to be sure, but the last few days there has been enough sun to recharge my solar lanterns. When I come home just at dusk, there is this feeble but welcome glow near the front door. My camera makes the lanterns look much brighter than they look in real life, and the lantern light doesn't last very long. Yet.

Earlier this week, the maple tree next door looked rather like an apple tree. When I walked out in the morning to walk Smokey, the maple tree was absolutely loaded with robins. There must have been over thirty, and the combined effect of all the fluffed-up red-breasted birds made the tree look like it was some kind of fruit tree without leaves. I actually did a bit of a doubletake, peripheral vision scan says something is odd... I don't know much about birds, maybe they were on migration, or maybe just a tour of great yards in Portland

Yesterday the dread rhinovirus got my head in its jaws...yup, I seem to have succumbed to the cold that is making the rounds. I came home from work and slept for twelve hours through. Even the dog couldn't wake me. Needed that sleep, I guess. Many very peculiar dreams, including one about adopting two very sweet cats, and one about making deep fried mini-empenadas with Mila. I'm tempted to make a rhinoviral winter hat, if I can find my grey velveteen. All grey and wrinkley with floppy ears and tiny eyes and a rhinohorn. Maybe the lack of oxygen has scrambled my brain, but I find the idea weirdly amusing. Of course I have several actual sewing work projects to complete first.

The grey brocade coat project is done, fur trim attached, and was picked up last night. Now I'm getting started on the two-tone roman shade project for the child's room in SW. I'd like to finish that project before parental arrival on Monday.

Of course, I'd also like to finish the "kludge a temporary sink" project. I finally have a concept of how to mount the sink to the wall with narrow shelf brackets, and how to attach the various sink parts together. Now if I can only manage to build the framework this weekend! It seems like every time I need to do the measure and saw and build "carpentry" type project, it takes an enormous mental effort on my part to begin. Once I get started, it is slow and steady progress, but I wish that I didn't have this hesitation each time. Some of it is that I am completely self-taught, so it does take quite a bit of time for me to figure out how to do something. And some of it comes from the time I was raised in. Girls were taught sewing and cooking in school, boys were taught wood and metal shop. Since I already knew the girl stuff (thank you Mom!) I would have dearly loved to learn the power tool stuff. So... decades of experience bossing fabric around, and nowhere near enough with the wood and plumbing and electrical. (yet) Hi ho hi ho....

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