Sunday, December 2, 2007

slow day, not snow day

Saturday, day two of our holiday sale, was quite slow, though everyone that came found things to purchase, which was encouraging. We are planning to do a "Mother's Day" sale in the spring, when the weather shouldn’t be an issue. I'm rather happy with how everything looked on display…

I somehow misplaced my knitting needles for the giant slippers of doom project (I'm knitting the to-be-felted "jester" slippers from the current issue of "Craft"), so, thanks to Rafny I had the chance to do another bit of needle felting. Inspired by one of the japanese crafty books, I started this rabbit, and had almost finished by 6 PM when we closed up shop. The horsetail hair that I bought long ago, (for the tassels on my Norse banner), has come in handy many a time for animal whiskers on various little crafted creatures.

As always, the next work project(s) beckon. Window shade jobs, and the various orders for clothing and jewelry for Twelfth Night are now at the top of the priority list.
I'm also going to be doing some pattern development, variations of my favorite blouse pattern, (to finally get started on my much-delayed cold weather wardrobe). I'm thinking about layered combinations, with long-sleeved knit shirts under soft dresses, topped with new jumpers with fun embellishments. I've been very inspired by the Nordic designer Gudrun Sjoden. I love her style, and beautiful color sense; had I funding enough, I would happily have my entire wardrobe of her designs. However, the exchange rate (dollars:euros) makes that, shall we say, rather impractical…

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