Monday, December 17, 2007

salvage goodness, & solstice celebration tea-party

As some of you know, poor Acorn Cottage currently has no bathroom sink, due to circumstances only partially within my control. (There are eventual plans for a splendid copper replacement sink; I've been occasionally making sketches of various design ideas) Well, yesterday found me wandering through the salvage side of Rejuvenation, and I found some vintage acorn eye-candy. Sturdy, twelve inch, cast iron support brackets. The cast design is 3-D on both sides of each bracket. I almost never make what is called an impulse purchase, but these just had to come home with me, as I've never seen anything like these before...

I'm thinking maybe supports for a future wall-hung sink.
and just so it is clear to all, I'm not intending to fill all the rooms in my little house with acorn things... I'm going for subtle and occasional.
afternoon tea-party and solstice celebration

Come see the giant collage wall! Wish Fjorlief many happy returns (of the day before)! Admire the living room without a workbench! Pet Smokey the compact Akita! Brave the scarey bathroom-without-a-sink! Eat tasty snacks! Pet Smokey the compact Akita!

I'm having a post-birthday tea party this Saturday afternoon, December 22nd. All friends of Acorn Cottage are invited, I'll have tea, and various tasty snacks. Open house after 1 PM, contact me if you need directions. Potluck tea-snacks welcome if accompanied.

There may be a trip to Sushi Takahashi for sushi dinner, later, in the evening, if folks are interested ...

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