Thursday, December 13, 2007

fruit and flower

Earlier today, while checking my email, I got a message from Kria (the Friends of Trees coordinator for my neighborhood) that said "go order your tree NOW!" I logged onto the FoT website and sure enough, there were the promised fruit trees... So, Acorn Cottage will be gettting a Fuyu persimmon as a street tree, in February. I had tasted the Fuyu persimmons from New Seasons, they are the smaller ones that look a bit like a flat tomato, and according to all information, and my tasting, are the ones that are edible while still firm. I realise that it will take several years before any harvest, and I've seen persimmons on yard trees only a few blocks from here, the ones I've had taste almost like mango, so I'm excited.

Ive been working on a roman shade for Aelfflaed. Yesterday I finished the valance stencilling, which was more challenging than any I've done before. Cutting the stencil was straightforward, it is a lovely three color design (Arts and Craft style rose border) However, since the window in question is rather large, the motifs are proportionally larger than any fabric stencilling I've done before. Held my breath while doing the work, but it all came out beautifully. The rest of the project is straightforward sewing and construction, I'll post pictures when I have a chance ...

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