Thursday, November 8, 2007

tiny acorn goodness

The garlic is planted…hooray! And it looks like today will be another dry day, so if there is time between all the myriad bits of busyness scheduled for today, I will try and get the walking onions planted too…(time for another stop at Starbucks for a bag of free coffee grounds)

Yesterday I ended up spending waaay too much time waiting for Les Schwab to put new tires on Nimblefoots front wheels. Fortunately I brought not only the book I was reading, but the little basket of portable handwork, since it was over three hours sitting and waiting. I had lots of time to stitch ten little acorn caps out of bronze-green hand dyed wool felt, and later that evening I finished the emery acorns for the ManyHands studio sale.

(I was very excited to find an online source for real emery, since I had been looking for several years…the last "emery" strawberry I purchased had sand ! inside.) The emery gives the acorns a nice solidity and unexpected heft for their size, they are about two inches long. I feel compelled to keep one for my own sewing basket… An oak leaf needlebook would make a good companion piece, maybe if I end up with enough time before the sale, I'll see if I can design something appropriate…

Much sewing will be happening here at Acorn Cottage. Mostly working on the various window treatment projects. I often wish that my sewing machine actually sewed faster. I actually wore out the first original foot pedal set, because I spend so much time with the poor thing "pedal-to-the-metal". If I end up with extra time, ha ha, I will try and cut out some clothing for me, as the wardrobe situation is not improving.

Sewing modern clothing for myself is just not fun or interesting, which may be why I have a much better SCA wardrobe than I do of modern clothing. I really need another five or six jumpers, and the same for shirts would be really helpful as well. If I could buy off-the-rack clothing in the shops, that came near to fitting me, that would make life easier; but being a short round woman, who likes to wear dresses, the shops do not deliver; sewing is necessary. That is just the reality of it.

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