Saturday, November 10, 2007

inspired by ikeahacker

Current organizing theory (for the home, rather than the political world) suggests having a place to recycle unwanted paper trash close to where it enters your house is a good idea. (To help prevent the "oh-I'll-just-set-it-down-and-deal-with-it-later" syndrome.) Those of you who have actually visited Acorn Cottage know that this is not a big house, and that the front door opens directly into the living room. For a while I had a tall covered wastebasket in the living room, near the door. This, while effective, did not give a very welcoming impression, and it was probably very bad feng shui. I was inspired after discovering the ikeahacker website, to create a little ikea-hack of my own… The kitchen is on one side of the front door, and there was space just inside the kitchen doorway for this tidy trash and recycling center. The hacking part was more like sawing, as one of my Ikea cutting boards was re-sized to become the shelf (aligned with the adjacent wire shelving) that supports the smaller wastebasket. Now junk mail can immediately be recycled upon entry; and having the debris "trashcan" available without opening a cupboard I find very handy. (it must be working as far as unobtrusive, since some guests have had to ask where the kitchen trash is...)

The rest of the weekend will be mostly devoted to finishing the eight-linen-curtains job (re-sizing and trimming with green ribbon), which is due next week. Hopefullly also completing the full size drawings for the roman shade project. Maybe a bit of yard work, I'd like to get some of the cover crop seeds sown, and if it gets dry enough the yard needs raked...

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