Monday, November 12, 2007

hidden treasure

The promise of wind and rain encouraged me to clear away some of the detritus that collects on the platform/deck in front of Acorn Cottage. Leftover plastic plant pots, stakes from early garden peas, and a healthy dusting of leaves. Not to mention the giant blue tote box, in which plants came down here this spring from my friend Sharon's garden (the only one that seems to have made the transition at all well is the Michaelmas daisy which got planted in the parking strip, though I have slight hopes that some of the Clerodendrum may yet surprise me…)
Amidst all this, I found a spindly cherry tomato plant, wedged between larger pots; I had somehow forgotten to plant it with the others in the backyard this summer. The nearby planters and south facing exposure obviously protected it, so I present for your visual enjoyment :

the last tomato!

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