Thursday, November 1, 2007

the further adventures of window-trim girl

I'm not a carpenter, I don't even play one on TV... nonetheless, the trim on the north windows in the workroom is done. At least for now. (did you know... that if you don't want to buy a gallon of "stain-killer" shellac/paint to cover up an egg-sized patch of weird magenta pigment on the recycled wood that you are using for window trim bits, you can buy a 99 cent bottle of white nail polish, and it will work just wonderfully. yup, two coats of nail polish, and it is all good... what do you think, should I send the tip in to Fine Homebuilding? Ha Ha!) Later on I can do some of the more elaborate surrounding woodwork, and the chalkboard of my dreams...but right now I am feeling very eager to have the workroom morph into an actually usable space, with crafty supplies actually findable.

I decided that I would turn the north wall into a collage wall for the winter, I don't really want to do a lot of wall painting, even with zero-voc paint, until keeping the windows open for a couple of hours feels nice rather than shivery. So I've been having fun looking through my various bits and files of cut-out magazine pictures, and old posters, and such-like. The oldest thing I found was an old poster from a Barnsdall Park (community art center) film-making workshop I went to when I was in junior high, back in Los Angeles in the sixties.

Phase number next is to re-locate all the boxes and bags and bins and bits of crafty goodness into the workroom. I figure that if I stack everything along one wall, It will give me a better idea of how much stowage I will need. And by keeping it all to one wall, I can still start using the worktables.

I need need need to get the washing machine inside. I've borrowed an appliance moving contraption, like a handcart with straps, to shift it from the carport, but I need a warm body or two to help steady everything, and keep the wheely-platform from scooting away during the transfer. Hopefully this will all work out in the next day or two... maybe tomorrow, when my friend Chance is coming over to help me replace the valves under the former and only, currently non-existent bathroom sink. (another story of the former owners and their fondness for the use of putty as an innapropriate construction material...)

So once my laundry is finished up over here at Chris's house, I'm heading off to the hardware store to get two shut-off valves for tomorrows "Adventure in Plumbing"...

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