Tuesday, November 6, 2007

a bit of graphic design

Yesterday I finished working on the flyer for our holiday sale. While using the computer as a typesetting machine is not as efficient as an actual publishing program, it does a tidier job than I can, since I am not a calligrapher. I'm rather happy with how the border drawings look, though. And, I found a way to get my scanner to work, after a fashion, so I can share with you the results of my efforts with you.

As always it is on to the next project(s). I need to do the design work for the ManyHands website, (fortunately I do not need to do all the coding!) and I have several large sewing jobs to complete. When I lived in the house at Mud Bay, we had several of the 8 foot formica covered banquet tables, which made big projects easier to lay out and work on. If curtains and window shades continue to be what folks want to hire me to sew, I ought to get a sheet of plywood to make a temporary big tabletop….

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