Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Never say "I'd give my good right arm for..."

Thanks for all the good wishes and healing energy. I've no idea why this year has had so many medical incidents. Am on the road to recovery, with a hand and arm that look more human every day. The mixture of three medicines that I am taking definitely alter my state-of-being, as well as continuing to reduce the effects of being stung. Kind of a wierd mixture of sleepy-floppy combined with too-much-coffee-man, and a turrible case of cotton-mouth. It is a bit difficult to maintain my focus, but should be done with medication by the middle of next week.

Yesterday the good folks from Growing Gardens came by and I now have an improved (bigger) worm bin, and a compost enclosure made from three wood pallets, which should be great for all the garden vine bits and the leaves form the front yard. I will be thinking about putting some kind of "roof" over the top so the plant-stuff does not get completely waterlogged during the winter, eventually, as it looks really raw, and blue tarp is not really my aesthetic. I will have to take a better look at how Mr Dawson added a roof to the compost bins up in Olympia, the next time I am up there, or just kludge something together....

The garden in back is looking rather tatty, the only things still growing are the tomatoes, and I'd better pick them soon, before the weather gets much colder. I'm hoping to make some ketchup from the romas, if I can find where I put the recipie I copied out. I haven't weighed out the potatoes that I dug up, the purple ones are the most tasty, and the rose fingerlings look like alien food, very branched and lumpy. I have been able to pick a bunch of plums from a house about three blocks away, and have been slicing and freezing them, with the thought of plum sauce to be made in the future as well. Once the weather gets cold, I will feel more like heating up the kitchen with preserving and conserving, and i have no desire to faff about with boiling water with my head so unfocused. but I predict an autumns-worth of condiments sometime soon.

Have started making some new jumpers, using fabrics already in stashland, and also re-fashioning some thrifted garments. Not too sure about the most recent one; as a switch from my everpresent indigo and black fixation I re-made an fifties housedress. The fabric is a lovely smooth cotton, grey background with little dry-brush roses in pinky purple and golden yellow. I haven't decided if i like it or not... it seems really colorful... Maybe for later in the year with a black knit top? The next jumper will be made from the denim duvet cover which keep threatening to ooze off the top of the fabric stash tower. My most favorite denim jumper is totally wearing out, but I can salvage the fun strip-patched hem border and transfer it. I'm also tempted to re-construct my denim overalls into an overall-jumper. I remember doing that in high school...

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