Wednesday, August 22, 2007

can we build it, yes we can...

This morning when I was working cleaning the home of my client in Sellwood, the children were watching "Bob the Builder". Somehow I've never seen this cartoon before.... So when I came home to Acorn Cottage, after stopping at the Environmental Home Center, where I found a gallon of creamy white Safecoat no-VOC trim paint in the mistint corner (yay, $8/gallon instead of over $30), I decided to finally get off my duff and start the cutting and putting together of the window trim for the workroom.

I have been gathering useful bits of wood from the Re-Building Center for the last several weeks. And no magic knight on a white horse with a chop saw in his, or her, saddlebags is going to show up and magically transform the workroom. It is going to be me, figuring it out as I go along. (As well as help from my awesome band of friends) But mostly it is going to be me, and today I made a start. Measured and cut and used the scarey saber saw, and the sureform rasp, and cut out the first set of trim, and painted the first coat of paint. I'm going to do the window trim in stages, as I'm not sure enough of how it will all fit together to cut it out all at once. But I've begun. and even though I have done bits here and there with wood, it is not a skill I have a lot of confidence in myself...this feels like leaping yet another hurdle, but in a good way.

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