Monday, August 27, 2007

ashes ashes all fall down

On Saturday, on my way home from Mr Plywood, I stopped at the Concordia New Seasons for a snack. I fell in their parking lot, the asphalt was worn and uneven. So instead of finishing the window trim project, I got to spend Saturday night at the ER where the groovy digital X-rays determined that my wrist and thumb were not broken. So I am all wrenched and bruised, but my hands should feel better, hopefully before too long.

I am doing a demo on Cloisonne Enameling this weekend at Art In The Pearl, on Sunday afternoon. Should be interesting, it has been years since I did a public demo. Am expecting Bill, and Jen, and Travis and Molly, down from Olympia, as Bill and Travis are also demo-ing, on Monday.

The hens have started laying again, Hooray!

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