Friday, August 31, 2007

All bad things come in threes, or urgent-care twice in one day!

This is a week of injury for me. Yuck! besides the getting all banged up after tripping over the divot in the parking lot last Saturday...I woke up yesterday with a very sore ear, so spent the morning at Urgent Care and got it looked at, with a prescription for antibiotic ear drops. Went about my busy day, working, house fixing, getting ready for Art in the Pearl demo... by dinnertime I noticed that my right arm/wrist was being hard to bend, and that the little scratched place on my wrist had turned all red and swollen and a long red streak was headed up my inner arm! Eeep, I know this is not good, so I manage to make it back to Urgent Care before they close, and I get seen my the same (nice) doctor that I saw that morning. Yes I was here earlier, no this was not a problem then .

They cultured the wound, and I got sent home with oral antibiotics, and instructions for care. Today the arm is worse. I am doing everything that the doctor suggested to help healing. The culture results won't be in till Sunday. It is gorram Labor day weekend and I am supposed to be doing a cloisonne demo at Art in the Pearl on Sunday, which will be damn difficult with an arm that is all swollen and painful. I hope the antibiotic starts working soon, this is actually scaring me, and I wish that I had computer access at home, I'm at the library right now, while out doing errands like picking up more epsom salts to soak my arm, and getting some food for the four houseguests I expect this weekend.

I am not sure why my body has chosen this week to do all this...I sometimes manage to get the message within the occurrence, but what obvious thing am I not noticing, that would generate all this injury. Or is it just the random unfolding of the universe... anyway, if anyone wants to send healing thoughts my way, I would be grateful...

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