Tuesday, July 17, 2007

OCF:organic material+dust=compost (or) don't ask about my lungs

Here is a picture of my little wooden cart all dressed up in Fair finery, doesn't it look cute? (I'm thinking about an alternate set of flags and pennants for the cart to wear at SCA events);
I'm not quite sure why the image is a little catty-whumpus, but I always feel like that after the Fair...

It was a good time, mostly, especially considering how little notice I had, and I have successfully maintained my status as an active juried crafter. The booth location was good in that it was shaded for most of the day by a large oak tree, and a bit difficult in that it was at one of the far ends of the Fair, behind Chela Mela Meadow. So not too crowded, but also fewer public folk/shoppers. My eventual goal is to get strolling vendor status, which would allow me to wander with my wares during the Fair.

Having my entire display on the cart meant that I could stroll around with my wares before the Fair opened to the public in the morning, and after sweep in the evening, and only needed to be in the booth during the public hours from 11 to 7(Most of my sales are to Fair family, who have as little time as I do to wander around during the Fair) I ended up making a bit over my costs to attend, so that is good, some money to put into the rebuild-studio fund. Came home dog-tired, bug-bit and in desparate need of a good massage, with a number of fun ideas for new artwork and a clearer idea of what I need to do next year to help maintain my balance and equanimity in the SOOoo intense atmosphere of OCF.

Woke up this morning at 5 AM 'cos I heard the sounds of rain! rattling against the window awnings. This got me to leap out of bed and out the door to harvest my garlic in the early wet dawn light. The garlic was almost ready before I left for Fair, with the ground nicely dried out by the days of awful hotsunny weather. Once the garlic is "ripe", if it gets wet the bulbs swell, split apart, and get moldy. Hence my early day leap outside... I did come back inside, wash and doze off a bit afterwards.

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