Friday, July 6, 2007

better late than never

Doing my best to get things ready for going to Country Fair. Those who know me , know that I do not like doing things at the last minute. I did find suitable (non-SCA-awards) stock for selling at the fair, and am planning on divvying up some of the pairs of earrings to sell as tiny pendants. Which will give me more pieces at a lower price, which sounds right to me. If it wasn't so HORRIBLY hot I'd think about trying to make something spectacular for display. but working in front of a 1500 degree oven just isn't appealing with the inside-my-house temperature being over eighty.

The important thing is that I did find space to be at Fair this year, which means that I maintain my juried vendor status. I'm looking forward to getting to know new people; I'm going to be sharing space with the folks from Holy Lamb Organics. They're from Olympia, and my friend Ariadne suggested that I contact them.

All I need to do, in between working, is:
rebuild my display with new more functional panels, attach the bamboo pennant poles to the cart, find or buy bits of fluttery bright silk and make pennants, create a sign for the cart, get shiny cord for pendants, go to the fishing store to get little snap-hook-things to keep jewelry from walking away, muck out Acorn Cottage enough so that my housesitter can get from room to room, write up instructions for critter care, arrange for camping space at the Fair, pick up my housesitter at the Greyhound station, and go grocery shopping so the dear girl won't starve while she is sitting on my house... oh, and pack everything.

I can do it. Even in 90+ degree heat. (drink water, drink water) Somehow everything that needs done in the next few days will get done. (Deep breath, deep breath) I'd like to find time to get Nimblefoot in to the mechanic for a look-see before travelling south. I am worried about leaving for the Fair on Thursday though, since that is assuming that there will be no last minute glitches, or horrid traffic.

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