Sunday, June 3, 2007

hot town - Summer in the city

I know that many folk find warm sunny weather a delight, but I just want to hide in deep shade somewhere, since I find intense sunlight actually painful. The warm temperatures (high 80's) here in Portland have had me totally wiped out, and my productivity has been almost nil. I guess that I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder, as dark misty-rainy winter days make me happy and full of energy.

Acorn Cottage is now sporting more Reflectix window-fillers, as I've cut new ones for most of the big front window that faces the setting sun. The mylar-bubblepack really helped with the heat last summer, and doesn't look too wierd, as those windows also have lengths of shadecloth mesh pinned over the outside. I left a bit of the lower window uncovered so Smokey can still look outside, but the living room is staying a bit cooler without all that solar gain. Fortunately the south-facing windows actually have permanent awnings; I imagine that when awnings were installed long ago, no one thought about the big front west window, since the whole front yard was formerly shaded by the two big ornamental plum trees, which the former owners butcher-pruned with a chainsaw. Said trees are still alive, though probably a third their former size, and I've been told that they have about a thirty to fifty per cent chance of survival.

I actually had a meal with all major ingredients coming from right here…a tasty frittata with the first of the snap peas, garlic flower tops, a bit of the (overwintered) ruby chard, and of course homegrown eggs courtesy of my hens. Hard to get a lower carbon footprint than homegrown.

and here is a portrait of HennyPenny, an important contributor to the sustainable Acorn Cottage
Last weekend Svava and Hrafnir renewed their wedding vows, and since the "secret" is now a fact, I thought you might enjoy seeing their rings of renewal. I was honored that she asked me to make them, and happily was able to rise to the challenge, since while I am a metal (and enamel) artist, and do create most of the settings for my work, rings are not something I usually create. In fact the last time I made a ring was maybe forty years ago, when I was just beginning to learn jewelrycrafting at the DeCordova Museum School. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with how these rings came out…
I also made a Norse style "hat-cone" for Hrafnir's new hat. Not only is he our current Kingdom Arts Champion, but also an incredibly talented cook; I took the liberty of adding tiny forks and spoons to the granulated decoration.

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  1. hi just started reading, lured in by your LJ journal. beautiful jewels!!! and not just the eggs!!!!